Player of the Week

Smiths present our player of the week to give an insight into our great club.

Jonny Cahill

NicknameGary, Uncle Fester
Position(s)Wherever required, positions are flexible/optional in the 2’s. #Jouer
NationalityEnglish (with Irish family)
Height (cm)177cm
Weight (kg)Pre Lockdown – 92kg, Post lockdown probs an even 100.
Previous clubs / HonoursFormer hockey player so this is my first rugby club, Smiths 2nd Team Captain
Years at Smiths3

Who at Smiths is…

The funniest?I do enjoy Wardell, controversially.
The smartest?Pritch or Hawker, both very sharp. BP and Nocker also clever blokes.
The dumbest?Tie between Chazzy and Doug. Outstanding rugby players but may struggle to open tins or follow a map etc.
The angriest?Si ‘The Manx Maniac’ Ward. Lovely bloke 99% of the time though.
Best looking?Singer up there. Pete would be top rig though, glass ankles aside.
Best / worst dressed?Best dressed – Euan Whitbourn, loves a barbour. Worst dressed – Cookie. Dresses like Mark Wahlberg.
Best on the sesh?All the lads excellent on the beers, hard to pick a particular favourite. Enjoy Arran a lot though.
How did you end up at Smiths? 
Saw a video on Arran Watkin’s Instagram (know him through mutual friends), asked if I could come for a run around as I was looking to get back into rugby, first session was a post-christmas fitness one and we didn’t touch the ball once. Been there since!
Describe your approach to playing rugby?
Enjoy marshalling from behind the defensive line, because I can’t tackle. Like to sit back and field kicks, then have a bit of a go. Love a fend/offload combo.
What film/TV character are you most like and why?
Hawkeye Pearce from M.A.S.H, love a wisecrack but happy to knuckle down if work needs doing.
Something people might not know about you?
I can use the post-nominal DipVCM, should I wish to.
Memorable rugby moment?
scoring from our own 10 after a lineout went awry in my first home game for Smiths. Ran out of gas around the 5 but it was so muddy managed to slide over anyway.
Favourite holiday?
2 weeks road tripping California, Nevada and Arizona.
Best Smiths memory?
Telling the Dinner Dance stories. Brings everyone together and they’re great fun to write.
3 course menu?
Waker’s Pork Belly skewers, Chicken and bacon carbonara al forno, chocolate fudge cake with cream.
Rugby idol?
Schalk Brits
Favourite place to play/watch rugby?
Big Field at Dean Close. Lived at the school so grew up playing rugby golf with my brother there.
What is your spirit animal?
Owl. Relaxed/thoughtful.